Peter Brock and Allan Moffat, Sandown 1974 Image #74222

Peter Brock and Allan Moffat, Sandown 1974 Image #74222

Posted by Mark Higgins on 21st Jun 2023

Depicting Allan Moffat and Peter Brock on the lawn area in front of the Sandown Park grandstand at the conclusion of the 1974 Sandown 250, which Moffat won in the Blue Brut 33 Falcon from Brock driving the Marlboro HDT Torana L34.

Between Moffat and Brock is Paul Higgins one of Australia's leading motoring journalists who was also in charge of publicity, promotions and media at Sandown Park on behalf of the Light Car Club.

Paul is my Dad and I remember being so excited to go to Sandown and Calder from a very early age. I guess the motorsport bug got me early on. I'll never forget watching Moffat debut his Trans Am Mustang at Sandown and meeting him at that meeting, and the 1969 Sandown Tasman race with many F1 drivers and the Lotus 49, Ferrari, Brabhams and McLarens taking on the local aces. The following year the Formula 5000s took competed in the Tasman Series and the sight and sound was incredible.

Six months after this photo I started working for Moffat in my school holidays and my first task was to rub back the blue paint of the XB Falcon so it could be repainted red for the 1975 season.
Back in the early 1960s, when Dad was first looking after Sandown promotions, he formed a close friendship with Lex Davison and was part of his team for many years.