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Autopics owns the original negatives or the rights to the negatives for all of its over 6,500,000 Motor Racing Photographs, together with their International Copyright and therefore we are able to print any photograph in any size you may require.

Our Collection is based on the archives of over 50 photographers including Peter D'Abbs, Lance J. Ruting, Ray Simpson, Marshall Cass, Jeff Nield, Mike Harding, Ian Reynolds, James Smith, David Blanch and many more. It is unique in that it gives the car enthusiasts, car and photograph collectors, car restorers and authors the opportunity to view and purchase images from the past and present.

In Our Gallery we have over 50,000 photos for you to view, it's as easy as entering a driver, car or track into the search box or browsing through our various categories.

New photographs are added regularly to Our Gallery and we suggest you add your name to the Mail List to enable us to keep you up to date with the new images.

For the regular visitor to our site, the What's New page enables you to check all the new photos listed without having to browse through every category. It's a real time saver, so be sure to make a note and check the site at least once a month.

If you have a particular driver or car that you are unable to find in Our Gallery, Contact Us with as much detail as possible about the car, the year and the tracks and using our extensive collection of race programs and magazines, we will search our archives and when we find the shots you are after, we will send you the thumbnails for you to view. We have a small charge for this service of $22.00 inc GST to cover some of our search time.