'The butcher, baker and candlestick maker"

'The butcher, baker and candlestick maker"

Posted by Tony Strickland on 7th Oct 2022

Ever heard of the term, ''The butcher, baker and candlestick maker"?

Well, just add a very intelligent, Tram Electrician, self taught Real Estate mogul, named ''fearless'' Fred Morgan and you have the team who in1963. They came within 42 seconds of catching Harry Firth and Bob Jane to get the prize. They had Bruce McPhee chosen to lodge a protest when he tried to match his inlet manifold to the winners Cortina. He would have been elevated to third and they would have got the beans! 

A further tale of this is that Fred entered his S4 in the following Sandown, Hang 10, with Bruce McPhee.

This was his Fred's daily company 'hack' since Bathurst. It had 30k miles on it.  They romped in by 30+ laps in class. 

I did little more than lift the head give it a scrape and tune and it went as good as. That car then became the 'towmaster' for Fred's variety of Hmpy's to FCs raced on tracks from Catalina to Hume Weir and beyond. 

Last we heard of the EH was  that it had been found with the hole still in the roof from the 2 way radio!